Even if Öyvind Fahlström had made no other contribution, his invention of variable painting – which evolved from his earlier discovery of concretism – would be enough to secure his place in art history.

But how do we best appreciate these stunning inventions, these fresh ways of seeing the world? Younger generations now learn through different means: a computer screen can be more appealing than a rigidly bound book. To bring Fahlström’s ideas and inventions to the widest possible audience, a consortium of institutions has come together to sponsor the “translation” of his variable paintings and concrete poetry into formats that can make a place for themselves in the contemporary world of the internet.

The Öyvind Fahlström Foundation is pleased to lead this project and is grateful to the many hardworking and committed collaborators whose efforts can now be seen by all.

Sharon Avery-Fahlström
The Öyvind Fahlström Foundation, New York